A variety of compilations compiled by the perverts and psychotics of the STS seas.

Jul 30, 2013

TALES FROM NOTHING CITY - Music From The -STS- Motion Picture [2013]

A soundtrack to a fictional off-kilter crime drama.
Think cool clothes & cars, bizarre night clubs, funky hair, lots of cigarette smoke and bursts of overly intense violence.
These songs all invoke such vivid images and scenarios in my head I had to compile them all together to create this fun little fake soundtrack with no proper story to go along with it.  That's all up to you.


MP3 / 320 kbps / 123 MB / 56:04

originally released : 7/16/2013


Jan 2, 2013


I made this over Christmas break. Don't know if I'll do anything more with it.
Adventure arrangement in 3 parts.
390 MB
95 Tracks
4:01:09 Run Time
From 64 to 320 kbps MP3
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Nov 1, 2012

Curse of the black Pharaoh - Halloween special

This started as my entry for the 29th volume of the ten songs series, but soon took a life of its own, like most good dead things do near Halloween. To make a long story short, this is the soundtrack to one of my favorite horror/fantastic short stories (Curse of the black Pharaoh, by Lin Carter), a story with mummys, ancient rites, detectives and damsels in distress. I really hope you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed doing it.

61mn long, 19 tracks. I've changed all the titles to reflect a moment in the story, but anyone able to give me the complete list of works these come from gets an extra internet cookie. a few are pretty evident...

Pass: LeDoc

Sep 2, 2012

Dr Faustus - Hide The Knives (2012)

A collection of music for those dark and windy nights.  Don't forget your scarf, and an alibi.

Includes tracks from:
Susumu Hirasawa, Nine Inch Nails, K.T Tunstall, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nailbomb, Therapy?, GGFH, Anathema, Dommin, Faith No More, and Carter USM

Aug 27, 2012

SPARKTANK - 30 Days In 1 Night [2012]

He faps.  He laughs. He faps.  He cries.  He faps.  He dances.  He faps some more and occasionally he pumps out a music compilation.

..."occasionally" being the key word here.

This is STS' #1 pervert, Sparky's non-FLAC contribution to the 30 Songs project in eye-popping 3D!!!

CM = 30 < 1

(CM equals 30 under 1) My quick sloppy mess of a contribution is now ready for your displeasure~  My most hated song of all time -OF ALL TIME- is in this mix, so make sure to grab it and torment me with your new knowledge~  Play list is inside.

Pass = shablam